This is not going we…

Do you need any help with settings?


This is not going well. I signed up for the pro plan. I installed the app on my mac. It won’t open and I can’t remove the app because it says it’s open and can’t be moved. I restarted and the same problem exists.

The desktop app is working in the background and collect all your activities

it’s this small icon on the top (since you have a mac) of your screen


I see it now. It looks like the app doesn’t support the Costa Rica Colon… That’s a problem for me as I’ll be keeping track of expenses with that currency and dollars.

have you checked the list of available currencies?



if not, we can very easily enter it for you 🙂


That would be great. Does your currency calculator keep track of value vs the dollar?

no it doesn’t


Actually, that’s probably not necessary. But can we track time and cost with two different currencies depending on the worker?


Or is the currency decision global in the software?

it is global, however you can change later in the invoice

and choose another one


Ok. At least I have a start on the installation. Can I freely switch to different versions over the month trial. Also, how do I notify you if I don’t want to proceed past my trial period?

I can see that you didn’t start a trial

HAve you starteda payed version right away?


Yes. I thought it was a month free trial…


I gave you my credit card and registered. I want to be able to try all the versions this month.

you didn’t enter with trial 🙁



I will talk with my colleague, so she gives you a refound!

refund *


I registered for the free version and then updated to assess the additional functions.

in the trial, you always have these features right away, and you upgrade only when you want to buy a license

But that’s ok,

we will fix it somehow


Thanks. I do want a trial period to assess the app. Thanks for your help. Do I need to notify you at the end of the month if I want to proceed?

No then, you would only need to upgrade 🙂

The way you did it today


To be clear, I will have all the functions of the Pro Version available for this month?

yes, you will



You are welcome 🙂

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